Douglas P. Kent
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Montréal, Québec
H2V 4G7, Canada
512-402-8735 (US)

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Porting a web application that targets the Ethereum blockchain, originally implemented using ReactJs, to Aurelia.


Contributing new features and bug fixes to Aurelia, the premier JavaScript framework for single page web browser applications.


Developed website to facilitate order management between Vivalia and its customers.


Developed web server components for an enterprise web site and automated data service.

PSP Investments

Designed and implemented several successful websites for use within PSP, all Single Page Application (SPA) with Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA).

Kill My TV!

Designed and implemented a website as a Single Page Application (SPA) with Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA).

Ceiba Realty

Designed and implemented a website serving those shopping for real estate in Belize, including administration pages.

Passwords Repository

Designed and implemented a personal website using the DurandalJs single page application framework and involving sophisticated data security techniques.


Participated in the architecture and development of portions of a complex enterprise scale web application.


Played a lead role in development of a large, complex website used by hospital administrators and medical staffing agencies to hire and place temporary medical staff.  Also worked as developer on their new, more public Mighty Nurse website.

Texas Turnpike Authority

Implemented web pages and application infrastructure in a web application that manages workflow of inspections and tests of turnpike construction.  See a picture of the 'dashboard' page here.


Significant development contributions to Ford's flagship website, Ford.com, and to the one of the first websites to sell new cars on the Internet, carOrder.com.

Belizean Border Management Agency

Designed and implementated a website for the Belize Border Management Agency.

American Cancer Society

Developed a website that enables ACS constituents to subscribe to ACS newsletters.

Cera-Mix Studios

Redesigned and reimplemented the entire Cera-Mix Studios website, including the addition of a number of new JPG images processed using Adobe Photoshop.

Bee Caves Acupuncture

Designed and implementated a website for Bee Caves Acupuncture.

Sculptors Dominion

Developed (but did not design) a website the using ASP.NET and C#.


Lead and sole developer, designer, tester, documentation writer, build master in development of HTML invoicing by SMTP email for NT Paymaster 2.3.


Lead a team of eight engineers from finished prototype to shrink-wrap market release in an 9-month retail software project called Clip-Art Window Shopper™.   This was not a web development job, since HTML didn't exist at the time, but notable because Clip-Art Window Shopper was ahead of its time in enabling users to purchase and download binary clip art files before HTML and the Worldwide Web were invented.  Windows Magazine awarded Clip-Art Window Shopper the 'Windows 100' award of 1992. 

Last updated:  August 8, 2016