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Montréal, Québec
H2V 4G7, Canada
512-402-8735 (US)

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Wrote numerous Windows applications for both internal corporate and external customer consumption.


Managed team of 7 in code development and release to shrink-wrap market of the Reader's Digest Complete Do-It-Yourself Guide multimedia CD-ROM title for Windows.  Technical design and coding, scheduling, risk reduction, hiring, performance reviews and technical documentation.

Lead engineer for the core GUI engine and release to shrink-wrap market of Julia Child's Home Cooking With Master Chefs multimedia CD-ROM title for Windows.

Wrote code to facilitate localization of Encarta `97 for Windows into 5 languages.

On the Windows 3.1 team, was sole engineer for the 3.1 market release version of Write. Primary responsibility was incorporating OLE 1.0 functionality.

Fixed bugs in other Windows 3.1 applets including File Manager, Packager, Paintbrush, Cardfile, and others.


For release to shrink-wrap market of Toolbook 3.0 for Windows, developed most of the OLE 1.0 client functionality and became responsible for coding several reusable GUI components including wrapable tool palettes, rulers and special text fields.


Lead and sole developer, designer, tester, documentation writer, build master in release to market of NT Paymaster 2.3 for Windows NT.  This was a downloadable product used by ISPs.


Lead a team of eight engineers from finished prototype to shrink-wrap market release in an 9-month retail software project called Clip-Art Window Shopper™.   Windows Magazine awarded Clip-Art Window Shopper the 'Windows 100' award of 1992. 

Mouthing Flowers

Designed, wrote and released TimeFlies for NeXTSTEP. TimeFlies is an audio clock/alarm utility application distributed through Internet archive sites.  TimeFlies received a positive product review from NeXTWorld magazine.

University of N. Carolina

Wrote Visuals for DOS, an application that uses interactive 3D graphics animation to reveal meaning in multidimensional statistical data.

Last updated:  September 11, 2011